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see if there is a Tuckshop Meal Deal day coming up.


sandwichThe tuckshop is opened Wednesdays to Fridays for a wide range of food lines.  Our tuckshop menu meets the “Smart Choices” healthy food guidelines. It operates during both the morning and lunch breaks by a bag system.  A circular explaining the system used for ordering lunches and listing current food lines and prices is issued at the beginning of the school year.

Parents who wish to help in the tuckshop are always welcome.  In addition the following items are available from the Tuckshop – school uniforms, school hats, chair bags, library bags and homework bags.


We now have a great new online system to make the ordering of lunches easier and more convenient.
~ Order at a time convenient to you- morning, night before, or weeks in advance!
~ No searching for cash required - It’s already paid online!
~ Teach students healthy eating in a fun way
~ Order from home or work

It’s so easy! - Click here to find out more or visit www.flexischools.com.au to register.


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